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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fr. John Joe Lakers has died.

Fr. JJ, whose writings I have linked to this blog, died on Friday, November 4, 2011 here in Holy Cross Friary.

We plan to continue to maintain a website of his writings, www.qufriary.org/Lakers. In addition, some of his former students hope to edit his work. Before he died he entrusted copies of that work to them.


  1. What a sad day. I have known Fr. John my whole life. He was always full of life and love. I know that heaven is rejoicing today while we grieve our loss.

    Tara Young Vranas

  2. Fr. John, is who I have known him by since the mid 60's. Fr. John and my father became friends when they were in the seminary together. When he moved to Quincy in the mid 60's Fr. John would come over to our home to visit several times a month. My siblings and I had a lot of fun with father. We played games, went fishing and just enjoyed each others company. Fr. John has been a great friend to our family. He married my wife and I, plus my other 3 siblings and their spouses. He celebrated my father & mother's 25th wedding anniversary and several family baptisms. There are many stories I could tell about Fr. John being in our lives. We will all miss him dearly. He was a great religious person and was a great influence on me and my family.

    Terry Wensing

  3. Fr. JJ will be missed greatly! He touched my parent's life, my siblings and I and even my children's lives. We will all miss him Dearly!

    Paul Gleason QC '87

  4. Fr. JJ was a deep thinker, an accepting man, and a fine Franciscan. Take care all.

    Steve Strieker